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Whether you’re looking to be kept up-to-date intraday on market-moving news or benefit from deep dive research with predictive analysis, Samantha’s inspired analysis will complement your own independent research and tools to provide the data, context and edge you demand.  

Samantha's Macro and Intermarket analysis to spy market direction and sector rotation against a backdrop of shifting political and economic changes. 

Election Risks and Opportunities

Trump has Covid. Nobody knows what will happen – to the Trump’s or to the election. FinTwit is aflutter with conspiracy theories! I have mine. None of them matter. I don’t even have to write about the legal... Read More

Gaming Covid

On Jan 22nd I wrote, “CoronaVirus will be the story of 2020″ and then proceeded to write, tweet, talk about Coronavirus heavily in January, February and March. To be honest, I obsessed about it, warned about it, and from this was able to time the market crash with precision because of it. Now here we are –  just six months later – and COVID cases have topped 13.7 million globally with deaths near 588,000 and, yet, indices are less than 5% from all-time-highs... Read More

Looking Forward

When you look at what the average stock for the first part of 2020 performed, you can see that its performance more closely resembles the economy, which is nowhere close to recovering from the damaging effects of a near-national COVID lock-down after the market crash of February and March.... Read More

Bears Need FAANMG Sellers

The amount of money creation so far in the pandemic crisis is similar to what we saw during the financial crisis of 2008/2009, according to JPMorgan analyst Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, “but has occurred much more quickly, in only a few months, as policy makers responded more aggressively to the impact of the pandemic.” And since debt creation and QE will continue to be stronger than normal until 2021.... Read More

Examples of Samantha's running daily commentary.

Update to 2nd Half Fave Trend Set-Ups – 3rd Qtr 2020 Review

Back on July 3rd, I posted for clients my: Second Half Market Thoughts – Fave Trend Set-Ups. Here is an update on how all those stock picks did in Q3 2020...Read More

Tech Takes A Backseat

So have a look at the charts. That worked – as XLV, IHI, XLP and today XBI broke out while tech sagged all weak. Not only that, but Retail and Semis also remained strong this week, so not bad calls! This week, Tech took a back seat while I repeated my excitement for IYT and VLUE. Both did not disappoint! As for chases however, last week was MUCH more fun for intraday chases… Read More

From Paper to Things

The Upside Catalyst for Equity Market’s Advance. Inspired in part by Charlie McElligott of Nomura with my own ‘spin’: Sentiment has turned higher as death rates have slowed – even as cases counted has increased in the US. Speculative vaccines have driven headline risk – for bears (MRNA after hours yesterday for example)...Read More

Value is "Wicked Oversold"

Growth Over Value Rotation Signs. As of last week, 1% of the stocks in SPY comprised close to 25% of its entire value. Year to date for The Big Five: GOOGL +13% FB +19% AAPL +30% MSFT +35% AMZN +72%.... Read More

The Earnings Bar

What Just Happened. The Nasdaq 100 traded up by 2%, making all-time highs, then dropped precipitously to close down 2%. TSLA gave up its entire 16% gain today and then some. SPY was sold today -0.87% QQQ was sold hard today -2.10% IWM was sold today -1.23%.... Read More

Staples Rotation

Staples Rocking. Top ranked industry groups outperforming over the past week include Solar, Internet, Software, Medical Equipment, Trucks and Mining. Quite a diverse list. This week, my bet is Consumer Staples...Read More

Next are examples of Samantha's focus on market-strategy using sector rotation analysis. In this case, she once again caught a major Growth-Value rotation.

EDGE Trade: Rate Spike, Bonds and Gold

My client letter Aug 18th: A higher USD would likely time with a needed Tech pause, or pullback, depending on the rate of change. One key theme I have had for weeks is a Rate Spike. It is playing out but the 10-yr yield chart needs to pullback gently and shallow to maintain my 1% price target by mid-September.YES! The pullback in TNX was gentle to the 21D and the... Read More

Gold, Silver and Miners Due A Rest

Going into July, I wrote clients that I was bearish USD, bullish the market and bullish Precious Metals – specifically Gold with Silver and Miners (but also Palladium and Platinum as discussed regularly in my live trading room). Here’s how that market timing call ...Read More

Value Remains in Flight

Last Tuesday, I penned a post for clients entitled, Violent Rotation. It was to highlight a trading theme I spied for the coming week to support my market timing calls to trade long ‘value’ plays – those highly-shorted, ‘high risk, bad-balance sheet’ companies with the most exposure to COVID19 lockdown that many sold in the throes of demand destruction and elevated insolvency risk....Read More

Value Takes Flight

Market Rallies Despite Riots. Despite protests and riots in 50 US cities over the weekend, and escalating tensions between US and China over trade, territories and capital wars, the falling USD is helping equities stay bid...Read More

ForexAnalytix Interview: The Case For Value Over Momentum

Did you know, Small Caps have actually outperformed Large Caps this month?Coming out of recessions, small caps have beaten large nine out of the last 10 times and also tend to beat coming out of bear markets… Bloomberg. That’s why oversold ‘value’ plays has been Samantha’s recurring top theme for clients all  month – sector by sector by sector...Read More

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