Track Record

Recent market-timing calls

  • Jan ‘18 top (doubled account in 2 weeks)  
  • Oct 3 ‘18 correction call for 20% (to the day)  
  • Dec ‘18 V-shaped Rally (published Prediction Dec 13th, )  
  • May 3 ’19 Correction (called in a Market Huddle podcast)  
  • June 3 ’19 Gold Rally (called in a DailyFx podcast)  
  • Sept 3, ’19 ( Bond Short Note sent out day before a 3-sigma standard deviation move)  
  • Sept 4 ’19 ( Gold Short Note sent out the day before the parabola broke in precious metals)  
  • Sept 5 ’19 ( Growth-into-Value Rotation Note sent out before a 8.5-sigma standard deviation move)
  • Feb 18 ’20 ( Market Short Call 3 days before 7-sigma standard deviation move)
  • Mar 20 ’20 ( Covered all shorts 2 days before market reversed higher)

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What the clients have to say...

"Access to institutional knowledge is only part of the solution for typically under-capitalized participants. Understanding how to operationalize the info and manage the risk is the contribution you make."

Marc Chandler - Chief Market Strategist at Bannockburn Global Forex, LLC.

"Her repeated caution kept me from adding long positions, prompted me to add to my hedges and take on some VIX-related trades. Made good money AND had peace of mind the past 10 days."

@tjb201 Former JPMorgan Treasury & Securities

“Let me say simply that you unquestionably have an exceptional “market feel”. The other critical skill you have – that very few do – is that you are able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions without getting locked into a particular market bent.”

Richard, 40 yr veteran of two Broker/Dealers, an RIA + HF

"Your ability to time the important turning points is impeccable."

@AarushP1 Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

“I am personal friends with Larry McDonald and Keith McCullough. You are a better market timer than either of them.“

David Reyes, RIA La Jolla

"Thanks you are one of the most brilliant people in finance."

@ScottEBurg  CIO/Portfolio Manager

“She has a 'Unique Perspective' and once you get exposed to her and her views of markets, it reads like top tier bank analysis.’”

Tyler Yell, CMT, DailyFX

"Legendary calls. All backed up by real process & data.

What I love about your product is it's about technicals and trading setups that you are seeing across markets in real time"

@ces921 Hedge Fund Mgr

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